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3 Summer Styles for Both the Sexes That Are A Must This Summer!

With summer finally hitting the shores of most of the new world, people are finally ready to let loose and groove to the musical ocean waves and more. In all of this, trends have come up from the fashion world and if you are clothing drop shipper, then these are 4 must have styles that you need in a drop shipping catalog to make both the sexes happy this season!

This blog has made a compilation, just so you can take advantage of these trends and start to pick your drop shipping revenue up!

1. Men: Sublimation T shirts; Women: Sublimation Tank Tops

Both the sublimation t shirt and the sublimation tank top are going to fare extremely well this summer. They have all the necessary qualities for the perfect summer wear – be it the bright colors and designs, or the flattering fit that make people turn their heads in admiration. Plus, both these apparels are extremely flexible when it comes to pairing them up with different types of trousers, be it leggings, shorts, or denims.

2. Men: Muscle Tees; Women: Bralettes

All men’s clothing dropshippers must have the muscle tee. Most guys who workout hard during the entire spring and winter season, want to make a show of their perfect bodies in the summer, and for men, nothing does it better than muscle tees.

On the other hand, bralettes are the newest entry to women’s fancy innerwear trends this season and are a great match for light linen and cotton shirt layering. These apparels leave plenty to the imagination and make for a subtle tease – something that makes women look uber sexy.

3. Men: Beach Shorts; Women: Bikinis

The beach short is a men’s staple for the ocean view and it does come in quite a lot of variants. From the upper thigh length to the knee length, and the distressed denim shorts to the sublimated shorts, there is plenty of options to consider and the variety definitely helps.

Bikinis on the other hand are what women cannot wait to wear once the heat hits the horizon. The latest bikini or swimsuit trends are the monokini and the sublimated and netted bikini. If you really want to capitalize as a drop shipper, then getting the trendiest variants should make sales easier!

These are the 3 men’s and dropship womens clothing USA that are making the right kind of noises in the fashion circles. Include them in your catalog with the help of your manufacturer right now.

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