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4 Dropshipping Unisex Clothing Your Dropship Wholesaler Must Have!

Dropship businesses are on the rise and if you want to make sure yours has the edge, you need to make sure that you have enough to offer clients. And in the dropship business model, you can only offer what your manufacturer and wholesaler have.

This is why we have brought you this blog with a list of 4 unisex dropshipping items that will get you more clients. Fair enough? Then let’s take a look –

1. Running Jackets

Abs is in and to get that out, people are going the cardio way this season and if you want to capitalize on this crowd, then you need to have unisex running jackets. Be on the lookout for neutral colors with neon and bright sports designs – these are the ones that usually make it to the feature pages of sports fashion magazines. And it’s a kind of apparel that you can host on your marketplace, irrespective of whether it is a dropshipping women’s apparel or men’s.

2. Training Hoodies

Training hoodies are the latest rage in unisex fitness clothing and come in shapes and sizes. There are a number of designs in training hoodies that have gained considerable popularity – among them, the full sleeve training hoodie and the sleeveless large armhole training hoodie are the most common. You could get sublimation designs or go for plain old neutrals – or keep both in your catalog and let your customers choose their favorite for themselves.

3. Unisex Joggers

The jogger is the corner stone of athleisure clothing and unisex joggers are what you need to be one stop athletic site for dropshipping mens clothing and women’s clothing. Joggers come in may designs and the patchwork ones are making quite the rounds this season. From cloth patchwork to leather patchwork and other designs – there is way to much option when you think about unisex joggers and it is something that you must have to keep your customers super interested.

4. Compression Tees

Compression clothing is the latest rage when it comes to tech incorporated fitness clothing and both men and women are working with it to make sure that their performances get better shape over time. It helps in muscle support and overall blood flow and having unisex designs makes your job and the buyer’s job a whole lot easier. However, you should keep in mind, that your unisex compression clothing collection should always have all sleeve lengths, be it sleeveless, half sleeves, or full sleeves.

These are the 4 types of unisex fitness clothing that your dropshipping clothing wholesaler and manufacturer should have – just so you can keep things on track and connect to more customers with your drop ship business, driving in regular profits. Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

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