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4 Men’s Clothing Trends for Every Dropship Retailer This Season!

Men’ clothing trends are one of the most sold and profitable inventory items in a dropshipping business and hitting the sweet spot in this area will definitely help. But how does one know what are the apparels that are rocking the market?

Well, that’s what you have blogs for – and this one lists out the top 4 apparels that any dropshipping mens clothing retailer must have this season. Want to know? Let’s take a look right now –

1. The Drake Tracksuit

When it comes to the tracksuit, Drake is kind of the market king right now. The record artist is setting trends ablaze with his head to toe tracksuits that not just styles with block prints but also neutral colors. The zip up design and the white sneakers that go with it are making all the athleisure and Drake fans go crazy! If this is not true love for athleisure, then what is?

2. The Shirt Jacket is the New Buzz

If you are trying to get into the latest trends in athleisure, then the shirt jacket is definitely the shiz. The apparel comes in bright colors like orange, yellow, blue, and teal and looks great when worn over t shirts, vests, or sleeveless athletic wear. The single breast pocket and a straight cut that comes with a button placket running across the shirt, it is minimalistic and stylish all at the same time. A good pair for the sweat pants, joggers, or fitted track pants, it is also complimented by stylish sneakers that add to its casual appeal. Still thinking otherwise?

3. The Hippie Bomber’s Jacket

Are you into floral prints and bright colors? Is your world view all about peace, love, empowerment, and equality? Then the hippie bomber’s jacket is definitely the one for you. Oh, and by the way, this apparel looks good on everybody, even if they do not have the above views on the world.

The bomber’s jacket has been a men’s wear icon for long and adding a bit of universal femininity to the apparel has made it even more metrosexual. The colors are bright, and the embroideries really bring out the best in you. What’s more? If you are fascinated by the 60’s and 70’s fashion, then this one gives you a unique twist to that era and brings forth something uber stylish!

4. The Jeff Goldblum Polo

Well, there was no other way to have described this polo t shirt – it basically comes with a printed design on the polo that makes it look like a jacket. It comes with bicep and waist elasticated bands that sits tight and makes it look smart – it’s a great fit with slender trousers and keeps the look really simple and sophisticated!

These are the 4 men’s apparel that must be present in the top dropshipping companies. It has the potential to make or break the business and if you are dropshipping retailer, then you need to get on with these ASAP!

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