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4 Trends That Dropshippers Have Added To the Summer Inventory

As the sun keeps burning brighter, the heat is becoming unbearable. To combat that heat in style, fashion enthusiasts have introduced new clothing styles. Balancing comfort and fashion perfectly, dropshipping manufacturers have introduced a wide range of clothes to their summer inventory. Want to know what these trends are? Keep reading to find out more.

The lavender overdose

With the declaration of ultra violet as the color of the year 2018, different shades depicting the spectrum of purple has been introduced by the fashion enthusiasts. One of the stand out hues, however, amongst these has been lavender. The pretty pastel is a knockout, regardless the apparel they are being incorporated with. From pantsuits to summer dresses, t-shirts to leggings, the wide range of clothes featuring the shade is a testimony to its massive growth. To top it all, the light shade reflects sun rays, keeping the wearer cool and elegant at the same time.

The art infused leggings

This one is self-explanatory. Leggings featuring colorful motifs captures the mood of summer perfectly. The burst of colors here and there, the bright tones, the vibrancy and the quirkiness of the prints, all combined together makes an impeccable summer statement that can’t be refuted. A rich and colorful way to upgrade the collection, the art work can include anything from bohemian prints, abstract figures and animated characters. Dropship womens clothing USA based have added these summer-y leggings to their collection that can be infused with the retailer’s store collection.

The Plaid Madness

The madness surrounding plaid has only escalated so far that every apparel you see on the street and on Instagram features the pattern. The summer clothes, especially shorts, shirts and light knitwear, are all proudly featuring the patterns. Apart from clothes, plaid accessories such as boots, statement earrings and summer scarves have also been introduced by the dropshipping manufacturers. It is however important to mention that the plaid patterns are usually incorporated with summer fabrics and not just flannel!

The fringed benefits

One more trend that has been garnering attention massively is the incorporation of fringes with the clothes. From tops to shirts, pants to jackets, everything is now being embellished with fringes. The ultra-gam dramatic fringes are standing out, adding the right touch of glam to the clothes. Well, there is no direct connection between fringes and summer (not everything has to be literal!) but it is the simple style quotient that it adds, the dramatic appeal of fringes is what makes these fun to add to clothes. To keep it in sync with the season, look for sheer shirts and tops sporting fringes!

Thus, the above-mentioned trends reflect the season while also standing out tall due to heightened fashion appeal. Reputed dropship clothing companies have added these fantastic clothing pieces to their updated summer inventory. Retailers interested to integrate the same with their store’s website can register today. To complete registration, a one-time fee of $249 has to be paid.

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