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5 Comfortable Fabrics that Dropshippers Should Rely on when Picking Gym Clothes

With more and more people joining the fitness bandwagon, the needs to deliver proper gym clothes to them have significantly increased as well. no longer is the validity of a gym apparel limited to its appeal, but functionality has become a major aspect to consider. Now, in all honesty, the functionality of a cloth depends on the kind of fabric used. There exists a wide variety of fabrics in the market; however, reputed dropshipping manufacturer relies on a few to construct the best fitness clothes. Keep reading to find out more about the fabrics and the advantages offered.


A natural fabric, bamboo is breathable and moisture wicking, thus fulfilling the two-major requirement for workout clothes. it is insanely soft, kills odor, regulates temperature and provides protection against the sun. Since it is organic in nature, it always feels fresh and dry. Regardless the kind of intensity the regime has to offer, bamboo clothes are a great choice. Seemingly new in the arena, this fabric has already become popular and is being used by gym clothing dropshipping manufacturers at large.


Cotton might be the softest fabric available out there, which can be attributed to its natural make, however, wearing a cotton t-shirt to a hard-hitting workout session will potentially make the wearer feel like a dishrag. Cotton wicks moisture all right but takes a lot of time to dry off. This minor setback doesn’t rule out the soft and smooth touch cotton lends to the skin. Or the fact that cotton doesn’t stink. Perfect for light workout sessions like yoga and weight training, cotton clothes are popular in the fitness-fashion circuit. Cotton and polyester combined is a pair undefeatable.


The workhouse of workout fabrics, polyester is the most recurring name on the labels of the workout garments. The plethora of advantages includes durability, wear and tear resistant, light in weight, non-absorbent, wrinkle-resistant and breathable. Ideal for summers, this fabric helps the moisture from the skin to evaporate rather than absorbing it. However, there are a few drawbacks of the fabric as well, which are extremely apparent. The stink-factor of polyester can be annoying. To deal with it, this fabric is usually combined with cotton.


Another of the most popular synthetic fabrics, nylon is extremely soft and has fast drying abilities. Nylon again enhances breathability and allows air circulation. The biggest advantage of nylon is that it absorbs the sweat from the skin and evaporates on the surface, keeping the wearer and the piece dry. The fabric hugs the skin, moving with it, giving the most relaxed feeling ever. Nylon can stand on its own and is often referred to as the perfect fabric when going for the sweatiest and the most intense workout sessions.


One of the most stretchable materials available in the market, spandex (also referred to as Lycra) is a popular choice when it comes to constructing functional gym clothes. The synthetic fabric can expand up to 600% than its original size, giving the phrase ‘unrestricted movement’ a new meaning altogether. Also, spandex never loses its shape. It expands but snaps right back to its original shape. Other features of spandex include enhanced breathability, wicking moisture and drying quickly. With such awesome features to offer, no wonder, spandex has become a staple for workout clothes.

To get the best and the most functionally advanced athletic apparels, manufacturers usually combines two or more fabrics, to get the best of each and eliminate the disadvantages without any issues. Manufacturers of fitness clothes dropship Canada based have the finest gym apparels in the inventory that can be easily integrated with your store’s website. Pay a monthly rental of $39 and be entitled to offer your customers highly functioning gym clothes.

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