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5 Fashion Tips from Chandler Bing That Dropshippers Have Borrowed

“Gum would be perfection” yapped Chandler when he was stuck in the ATM with a very hot girl. No one can ever beat Chandler Bing in awkwardness but he is TVs favorite guy. He is sweet, he is caring, he is sarcastic and he definitely is the FRIEND that everyone would want to have. He married his best friend and gave guys relationship goals. But apart from all these things, Chandler sure had a quirky sense of fashion. Nothing fancy, but purely 90s.

FRIENDS as a sitcom became immensely popular during the 90s and with its reruns; the spell continues to woo the audience. While the female characters were usually seen as style icons (especially Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel), but sometimes the alpha males of the show proved it that simplicity is actually the key to success. Chandler Bing (played by Matthew Perry) dressed subtly throughout it’s 10 season run.

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Dropshippers taking a cue from his style have designed 5 fashion pieces. Want to know what they are? Want to add them to your store collection and impress your customers? Then keep reading.

Patterned shirts

One thing that Mr Bing totally rocked was a patterned shirt. And he has done it on several occasions. While some may find it heinous, some like the appeal it has. Be it big abstract prints, flannel shirts, denim shirts or the simply (yet brightly) colored ones, they all had a charm of their own. Clothes dropshipping manufacturers have designed shirts taking much inspiration from these that make a worthy addition to the store collection.

T-shirts and sweatshirts

Chandler loved baggy sweatshirts and he can’t be blamed. They are extremely comfortable to wear. He would pick subtle shades to keep the look grounded. However, sometimes there would be an experiment here or there, like the one sweatshirt with flannel sleeves. (FYI, anything was possible during the 90s). Occasionally he would also slip into plain mono-color t-shirts (conventional shades though) to look all the more adorable.


Chandler loved gums, sarcasm and waistcoats! Three-fourth of the show he spent wearing waistcoats. With shirts, under trench coats, or over t-shirts, his love for waistcoats was evitable. The fabric also varied from cotton to linen to wool, making him the official ambassador of the fashionable piece.

Chinos and sweatpants (your choice)

Chinos are not a piece of today and athleisure, well that started a long time back. As a part of his favorite bottom wear, Chandler would slip into loose chinos (often in beige) or wear sweatpants, especially when hanging out with his gang in Central Perk. Given his love for simplicity, he would also trade bright shades for eye-soothing neutral ones.

And the last one….customized t-shirts with his quotes

Chandler Bing has managed to entertain us for years due to his sarcastic comments. They have tickled our funny bones quite right. Thus, a true blue Chandler fan would rejoice at the sight of t-shirts with his popular quotes blasted against them. They come in a variety of shades and textures as well.

On that note, Chandler is legendary! And so is his fashion sense. Add the best clothing pieces to your store and increase your client base significantly. Men’s clothing dropshippers have similar pieces assembled in their collection that can be purchased by you. Register with them for a free month’s trial and continues thereafter by paying a nominal rental every month.


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