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5 Fitness Fashion Trends That Your Drop Shipping Company Must Have!

Drop shipping has become quite the thing and many aspiring entrepreneurs are taking help of this business model to make a head start into the apparel industry and make some quick bucks while they are at it. However, as good as the whole concept looks, it is very important that the person who is going to subscribe to a drop shipping company – in this case, you – takes a good look at the whole collection of the company, to ensure that they have fashion that is likely to work for customers.

This could be hard if the concerned person does not have much of a clue about which way the industry fashion is going, but then what are we here for. This blog is going to list out 5 apparel items that top drop shipping companies should have on their inventory for them to be style relevant. Let’s take a look at what these fitness fashion items are –

1. Zippered Sports Bras

Sports bra collections are important, but having the latest one in your arsenal makes a lot of difference to sales, since more people want to try things out and follow the trend. Right now, it is the front zippered sports bra that that is enjoying similar status in the apparel industry and making quite the ripples in the drop shipping circuit as well. Not just known for its style, zippered sports bras have quite a lot to offer to workout enthusiast women – things like convenient wear and management during workouts and better front and back support because of the tight fit enabled by zippers.

So, if you are looking to get into business with a drop shipping company, it would be a good idea to check whether they have this latest style of sports bra available in their collection.

2. Metallic Foil Jacket

Jackets has always gone hand to hand with fitness because of their strong correlation and this one is definitely a notch above the rest. The look is glossy and metallic, and the fit of the jacket is to die for. In a season of nude soft and neutral colors, this one definitely sticks its head out for all the right reasons and its color combination makes it an easy match for all types of t shirts and leggings there is. It’s a good fit for the cardio sessions and comes with plenty of style as a day wear option as well – something that customers will definitely love when they take a look at your collection.

3. Racerback Tank

Racerback designs have become the new rage, be it sports bras or tank tops and in this case it the racerback tank top that your drop shipping wholesalers Canada and USA must have. Th popularity of the racerback design is based on the support it provides in a more minimalistic uni-strap design at the back that has been very successful in providing women with the right kind of support and fit. The racerback tank top is available in the market in all types of designs and colors; which makes it an indispensable item for a drop shipping business model that is also looking to get new customers interested in its products to roll the business faster. Cannot miss this one if you are serious of expanding your drop shipping business.

4. Thin Strap Tank Top for Men

Men are into tank tops as well and it gives them quite the ego boost when they get to take a look at their muscles and how they are developing. However, the thin strap is something that is not easily available for men and getting it from your drop shipping company could make a huge opportunity for your online business. Men who lift are always looking for the perfect thin strap tank top and there is nothing better if you can get it placed in your catalog!

5. Watermark Shorts

Water mark shorts are a bit different from the regular summer shorts that one can find on drop ship catalogs. They have a cooler design and can work well as a day wear option too, which is why it seems to become so popular. Available in a host of colors, this apparel has also been featured by many fitness magazines on their covers and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why you should have a drop shipper who also manufacturers the watermark shorts.

These are the few apparel items that will make a difference in how fast your drop shipping money starts rolling. At the end of the day, having these on your catalog on whatever platform you are, whether a website or e-commerce, makes you more relevant to customers and that works out well for you in the end.

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