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5 (Less Vague) Facts about Clothing Dropshippers and This Model

To many, the model of wholesale clothing dropship is rather new and an unknown territory. But there are also those who are already banking on lucrative services of these dropshippers.

Regardless which side of the table you’re on, there are a host of things that you must know about this model and dropshippers; things that are less ambiguous than “they will help you in your business”; things that, assumingly, nobody has told you yet. Here are 5 of them.

drop ship clothing

They don’t ‘manage’ your stocks- you do!

Yes, dropshippers handle your tangible inventory, but you have to play a large role here. You get real-time stock management facility (provided your dropshippers offers this in the first place), using which you manage the quantity of your stock; how much you purchase, how much you sold, how much do you need to re-stock, and so forth. YOU (!) need to order these dropshippers what needs to be done.

Their delivery service is unmatched

The distribution establishment of selected top dropshipping wholesalers clothing is global, which quicken their shipping or delivery process significantly. Also, this provides you the opportunity to take orders from internationally-based customers without caring much of shipping. Meaning, the room for growth for businesses in this model is very big.

They also manufacture

This industry has taken giant leaps in just few years and today’s dropshippers also manufacture. Their catalog is very big and includes many varieties of fitness and fashion wears, catering a wide range of consumer base. So the hassle of dialing different manufacturer and then coordinating the transfer of your wholesale from the producer to dropshipper is eliminated.

They will help you save unnecessary costs

You would know, in the clothing business, there exists heaps of additional (and unnecessary costs); shipping accidents are the big one, followed by so-many-taxes. Clothing Dropshippers helps eliminate most of them. This subsequently reduce the price tag on your products; hence, giving you an edge over the competitors.

You can holiday (a lot!)

You’re running an ONLINE store, managing your stock via an ONLINE interface and the dropshippers are making delivery to your customers on your behalf. You’re basically living a laptop lifestyle. You can go on holidays- anytime and anywhere.

These are the five (less ambiguous) facts about clothing dropshippers that you should know of. So hold hands of a good wholesale clothing dropship company and launch your own online fashion and fitness wear business, if you haven’t already.

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