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5 Superhero Costume Rip-Offs Every Retailer Should Have In the Store

With the release date of Avengers: Infinity War nearing and the anticipation building, it is time for everyone to get onto the superhero action. Why should you, a retailer, become a part of the superhero conundrum? And how to infuse clothes that imitate the costumes of the favorite superheroes? Keep reading to find more.

Why should you participate in the conundrum?

Everyone is talking about superheroes. Not only have they become a symbol of hope in the society, but the multi-billion dollar business that has been kicked off by the superhero franchise has inspired many to become a part of it. Wholesale clothing dropshipping manufacturers have also, following the market trends, started designing pieces that are ideal to be worn daily but look much like the clothing combination of the heroes. The fashion-forward millennial wants these pieces highly, putting these in high demand. Hence, dropshipping manufacturers have added superhero clothes to the inventory. You can too integrate it with your inventory and expand your business, because it is in-demand!

How to rip-off the style?

Captain America: When it comes to the star-spangled superhero, red, blue and white are the colors to opt for. A solid white t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and a red bomber jacket is all that is needed to imitate the American hero.

Iron Man: It is difficult to ignore the wonderful style statement that Robert Downey Jr. (aka Tony Stark) brings to the team. Tony Stark is identified for his unique style statement, which mostly revolves around classy suits. To rip off the Iron Man look, a red suit is an ideal pick off. A sleek suit that fits the aesthetics properly should be added to the store collection in order to imitate the look of quirky Iron Man.

Spider-Man: The friendly neighborhood, crime-fighting 15-year-old boy (or man!) reflects every teenager. So casual style is all you need. A geek, to get the Spider-Man look, you need a casual t-shirt with a funny slogan, a pair of blue jeans and an oversized overshirt. The key is to get a simple appeal with an original finish.

Black Widow: The most dangerous spy in the world with excellent hand-to-hand combat skills, Black Widow is the first woman to join the testosterone filled Avengers. To dress like her, the garments required include a black tank top, a pair of black jeans, black textured leather jacket and black boots. Since an-all black look seldom fails, fashion-forward millennial will love this look. Just get the clothes in a slim fit for absolute on-point imitation.

Hulk: The strongest Avenger, the green beast when angered can destroy everything just like that. Though the alter ego is a timid, super smart scientist Bruce Banner, Hulk is all about going green. A green flare dress is ideal to catch the mood of Hulk. Solid yet textured, a simple green dress is all that is required.

So, if you are looking to impress your customers and expand your business, this is the right opportunity to showcase these pieces in the inventory.

Register yourself with the dropshipping model today to get unlimited access to the inventory featuring the superhero costumes. You can integrate the inventory of the clothes dropship manufacturer with your store’s website, which will further help you appeal to the customers. Complete the one-time registration by paying a nominal amount of $249 and a monthly rental of $39. Register today and start the superhero season with a bang.

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