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5 Vintage Pieces Made Available By Dropshippers for a Fun-Filled Summer

There is an extremely popular saying, “What goes around comes around”. (Remember that Justin Timberlake song?). In the fashion industry, this saying is applicable in its literal sense. All trends (at least most of them) that were once obsolete came back, with a few variations to fit the preference of the millennial crowd. With summer almost here, some of them have already been creating hubbub around the circuit. Dropshippers and manufacturers have updated their collection so as to help the retailers appeal to a bigger section of the population. The below mentioned list have them summarized. Read on and make sure to add them to your catalogue.

Draper jackets from 1920s

Draper jackets have become extremely popular in the recent years, with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian wearing it often, but it was actually during the 1920s when the ladies would use it as a cover-up when hitting the beach. In their new editions, they retain the principal design but incorporate more colours and fabrics, making it a perfect summer time outerwear.

Crop tops from 1960s

Dropshipping women’s apparel manufacturers know that the trend of wearing a crop top is doing its round in the fashion circuit, especially during the last few seasons. And it all started in the 1960s with crop tops having the entire spotlight to them. Viewed more as an activewear and less as a fashion piece (though they are extremely stylish), the recent variations are constructed using more conventional fabrics and designs to fit the growing need of the millennial women.

Bell sleeve dresses and tops from 1970s

Another classic vintage piece that has been borrowed and blended with the clothes of today is the bell sleeve. Dropship manufacturers are integrating them judiciously by tweaking them a bit for a better accommodation. From dresses to tops, the 70s bell sleeves are everywhere and form the perfect summer addition. If you want to impress your customers get bell sleeve dresses and tops today.

Embellished bomber jackets from 1980s

A few seasons back, bomber jackets made a stellar comeback. They are versatile and work great as a layering option (even during the summer). But it was the embellished bombers from 80s which caught the attention of all the enthusiasts, even after almost three decades. Using a variety of prints and patterns, the embellished bombers are definitely worth the investment.

Sports bra and leggings from 2010s

And nothing can beat the super combination of sports bra and leggings from the 2010s. Since becoming fit has become an essential for most (though their appeal is far more stretched) and being a part of the massive bandwagon is important, sports bra and leggings have become the most sought after pieces. They are comfortable to wear and stylish to look at. The use of different prints and patterns, shades and textures renders a popular status to them.

Thus, if you want to update your display catalogue and provide your customers the latest pieces, these vintage apparels are your best pick. They are all in sync with the requirements of the fashion circuit. Prominent dropship clothing suppliers USA are offering their best services to you. They have a vast inventory that can be accessed by getting free registration online.

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