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The Celeb Inspired Activewear Trends Brought In By the Dropship Suppliers

When we talk about the trend of wearing the activewear pieces at casual outings and streets, we must admit that the celebs and models helped us to embrace this unusual fad.  They are mostly seen in the comfortable   and stylish workout clothes, reflecting a sporty and chic ensemble every time they are captured in cameras.  The yoga pant phase has matured to take up the casual events and event the parties, and the sports bras are definitely the newest crop tops. Keeping this trend in mind, and going through the tons of instagram posts of the celebs and runway models post workout or at the streets  or may be spotted at the airport, the leading fitness dropshipping women’s companies too are crafting the actievwear pieces inspired from the ensembles and silhouettes flaunted by the celebs and models.

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These celebs have taught us that apart from being hardworking and committed to the fitness regimes, the fitness freak women must also adopt hot style quotients through chic and bold outfits, acting as a great factor of motivation and confidence booster.

Marble tights by Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashain’s instagram  post in September 2015 wearing a yellow and pink marble printed tight pants definitely created a rage amongst the fashionable fitness enthusiasts. Keeping that in mind, the clothing dropshippers started crafting the marble printed tights and leggings in endless options, carrying a varying degree of hues and a wide array of shades and motifs.

Neutrally shaded Kendall Jenner

Again in 2015, the other hottie Kendall Jenner was witnessed walking down the streets carrying and sporty and casual look wearing a great sports bra with black tight and a grey jacket tied around her waist. Thus, she definitely began a craze of wearing the neutral hues with poise and confidence; hence the lots of fitness outfits today are created in neutrally subdued colors of blacks, white and grays.

Duo tone leggings: Hailey Baldwin

With a messy bun hairstyle and black sports bra, this gorgeous beauty was clicked at the streets wearing a duo toned high waisted leggings. The leggings was in purple white and pink abstract motifs on some portions and completely black on few parts. This is probably the reason why the dropshippers are giving way to duo shaded leggings, keeping this outfit in mind.

Miley Cyrus’ soothing white tights

When it comes to Miley Cyrus, she is currently known for her gaudy and crazy fashion sense. But recently she posted an insta click wearing a white sports bra with white yoga tights. Downright daring, this is how the soothing white yoga tights have become a fashion quotient today.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s animal print frenzy

This beauty was spotted doing something fiercely different for the gym class. She looked sexy sporting a black, white and grey combined sports bra, with snake prints all over! Her bold avatar became a super hit , and hence the popular clothing  dropshippers are giving animal prints a great importance in the fitness fashion genre.

Color pop: Gigi Hadid

When it comes to portraying out of the box looks, none can beat the young talent Gigi Hadid. Hence, when she did the bright and vibrant orange and black bomber jacket, the global fashion scene got a brand new inspiration to follow. To entice her fans, the fashion clothing US dropship suppliers are introducing fitness jackets in gaudy colors and prints!

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