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Dropshippers, Technicality, Marketing- An In-Depth Guide to Launch Online Clothing Business

A lot has been said on ‘WHY’ you should bank on the services of dropshipping clothing wholesalers USA based, but very less has been discussed about ‘HOW’ to do that.

Yes, the services of dropshippers are very lucrative and business-friendly, but how to tap on them is a question many ponder. If you’re in the same phase- came across the concept of dropshipping model and your inner entrepreneur went ‘wow’, but you’re confused how to go about in this direction- we have some answers and solutions for you here.

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Taking care of all the technical stuff 

The technical stuff includes creating an online platform where you would sell your products. It is best that you hire professionals here (freelancers are good choice) to design and develop your e-store.

Incase if you’re DIY kind of person or are short on budget- pick your domain name, web host, CMS (preferably WordPress), a theme for your website, choose a payment gateway and you’re good to go (at least at this initial stage).

Another good choice is to sell your products on popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. It doesn’t include any technical work, except for uploading your products, which is quite easy by the way!

Creating your business 

Here you need to take significant amount of time to think and decide. Your first task is to choose a good dropshipper. Here are few things to consider-

  • The dropshipper should be well-renowned and reputed.
  • Make sure it has a large catalog that includes fitness, fashion, running and yoga wears.
  • Factor the distribution networks of the dropshipper. The larger (wider), the better.
  • Look at the registration charge. Don’t sign up if it’s over $400.
  • Ensure the dropshipper offers you real-time inventory management facility.

When buying your wholesale or writing your business plan, here are few things that you need to consider-

  • What type of wears you are going to sell? Are you going to offer every type of wears or rather specialize in one department like fitness wears?
  • What type of audience you’re going to target? Or who are your potential customers?
  • Where are you going to sell your products- on your own e-store or marketplaces like eBay and Amazon?
  • Are you willing to take order from international customers? Are you open to expand your business globally?
  • What is your pricing strategy? What would be your profit margin? 

Assembling your marketing team 

Marketing your store, products here is just as important; given the competition in the clothing market is so-very-high. DIY practices will help you only so much. You need professionals- if you’re serious about your business- to promote your products on social media and search engines. So assemble a good marketing team.

Follow these steps, tips and launch your own online clothing store successfully.

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