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  • What is drop shipping?
  • Drop shipping is basically a fulfillment model where you are not required to maintain and manage an inventory but can access the product catalog of the manufacturer and wholesaler with whom you partner with! You can simply transfer the customers’ orders and shipment details to wholesalers who then ships out the merchandise directly to the customers. You are going to make a profit on the difference between the price you quote to your customer and the wholesale price that you get with your chosen manufacturer.

  • How Can I Get Started?
  • You can get started by following these simple steps:

    • Register and create an account with us at Clothing Dropshipping. You need to pay just $249 for registering with us!
    • Select the products that you want to sell from our wide assortment of merchandise
    • List the products that you chose on your e-store or on eBay, Amazon or any other popular online marketplace and start selling
    • Collect the payment from your customer against the order placed and then make the same order on Clothing Drop Shipping
    • Forward the entire shipment details of the customer to us
    • We will send the ordered product directly to your customers


  • 1. Are there any fees required for joining your drop shipping program?
  • Yes, you need to pay a very small fee of $249 when you register with us! It is just one time payment that you need to make. For uninterrupted services from our end, pay $39 only per month, only!

  • 2. What modes of payment are accepted by you?
  • We accept payments via credit cards

  • 3. Do I have to incur any additional fees for drop shipping?
  • No, we do not charge any additional fees for drop shipping. You are only required to pay the cost of the product and the shipping is free.

  • 4. Do I need to make any upfront payment?
  • Yes, to register with us and getting access to a world of rewarding business opportunities, you need to pay $249. Thereafter, only a monthly rental of $39 is all you need to pay to enjoy top-quality services from our end.

Tracking and Shipping

  • 1. Will I receive tracking information for my order?
  • Yes. As soon as the products are dispatched, you will receive the tracking information via an email.

  • 2. Will my customers know that you are shipping them the products?
  • No, there will be no direct contact with your customers and we will be shipping the merchandise in non-identifiable package that will not bear our name.

  • 3. Will my customers receive any invoice from your end?
  • We will not be sending any invoice or any other details directly to your customers.

General Questions

  • 1. Can I still use your services if I do not have a website?
  • You can list and sell our products on your own e-commerce site and if you do not have one, then you can list our products on eBay, Amazon and other well-known online marketplaces.

  • 2. Is there any minimum order amount?
  • No, there isn’t. We will ship the products ordered by your customers.

  • 3. What are the details required for setting up an account with you?
  • We require your name, address, email and phone number. This is to ensure that in case of any trouble with your order, we can contact you directly and resolve it as soon as possible.

Security-related Questions

  • 1. In addition to personal data, what other information do you keep?
  • In order to provide you with the best possible service, we keep certain other information along with your personal data such as informational regarding the purchases you make with us. This helps to give us an idea about the kind of products that you need and lets us keep you updated with the relevant offers.

    We also keep a track of any email correspondence that you might send us so that we can avoid future glitches.

  • 2. Is my personal information safe with you?
  • We do not pass our clients’ personal details to third parties for any marketing or any other purposes. We use cutting-edge technology to keep our clients’ information safe and secure.

Technical Issues

  • 1. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
  • This happens with everyone and if you are facing this problem, do not panic. Just click on ‘Forgot Your Password?’ next to the login button and then follow the given instructions.

    If you continue to experience this problem, feel free to contact us.

  • 2. What do I do if my order is declined?
  • If your order is declined, contact our customer support team and they will help you through the problem. You can either call us or shoot us a mail and our customer representative will do everything to solve your problem.

  • 3. What to do if I am experiencing login problems?
  • You can clear cache of your browser and try logging in again. If you still experience problems, try clearing the cookies. For further assistance, call us.



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