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Here’s How to Start a Side Business That Brings You More than Full-Time Income

Who doesn’t want an extra stream of income! No wonder, so many working professionals continuously strive to have, what they call, “side income” to fight occasional cash crunch and live a bit more lavishly. But sadly, getting an added source of revenue that actually brings you decent income is easier said than done.

But thank God it’s 2018. And there are few very good dropship apparel companies out there.


Do What the Millennials Are Doing…

Start a dropshipping business! An activewear dropshipping business, in specific, which is where the trend is shifting towards that stacks high demands, return and opportunities for the business owners.

Now, was it 2000s, the who’s what’s and how’s would have been too big to abandon the idea altogether. But now in 2018, launching your clothing dropshipping business is very straightforward. Thousands of smart people, in the USA, and across the world, are already earning big money in this business model; including even those for who the venture is part-time and side income. You could be one of them.

Starting a Clothing Dropshipping Business in 5 Quick Steps

Like mentioned already, the process is quite straightforward. It could be summed up in 5 simple steps:

(I) Find a good dropship apparel company

The success of your business will largely depend on the kind of dropshipping company you have partnered with. The good one will not only provide you with the right quality product and at the right price but also offer you all the assistance whenever and however you want it.

This will make starting this business much easier, efficient and time-effective for you. And this is important, given, for now, this is supposed to be just your side income stream. You can’t (and don’t want to) spend too much of your time and resource here.

(II) Do some research on your market and target audience

You can’t run a successful business without doing a thorough market research and competitive analysis. It’s essential that you understand your market, the tactics of your competitors, as well as the distinct needs and requirements of your target audience.

So, before taking any step further, spend some time researching about your market, audience, and competitors. The more you understand them, the better and more profitable your following decisions will be.

(III) Choose the best dropshipping plan

A good dropship apparel company usually offers plenty of plans and options to ideally fit your business needs, goals and budget. So, once you have found yourself a good partner, check out its dropshipping plan and choose the right one.

Don’t rush. Factor all the different aspects of your decision. Consider your capital, choose the right clothing wholesale (in this case, activewear), and only then go about picking the most ideal plan.

(IV) Launch an online store (or sell on marketplaces)

Contrary to what many people believe, this is a very easy part that you can do without hiring any developer; even when you aren’t technically adept.

There are two options here. You can either sell your products on top marketplaces like Amazon and eBay where creating an account is a matter of few minutes, or you can launch your own online store, which is something many prefer. If you’re going with the second option, there are plenty of ways to launch your online store very easily. You just have to pick the right selling platform. Shopify is a go-to choice here. You can also create a website on WordPress and then use WooCommerce plugin to create yourself a dynamic and attractive store.

(V) Promote your store and products…

This one is the MOST important part.

Marketing like a beast

Your dropshipping partner can deliver you the best of products and manage your order-fulfillment with the world-class sufficiency, but all that is a complete waste if you aren’t making any sales in the first place. Setting your store and integrating your products is only one-part of launching a business in the dropshipping model.

The other, and possibly the most important, one is marketing. You must promote your store and products on various channels and tell your target audience about your existence. Optimize your products for the search engine. Start blogging. Get on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, reach out to people there, connect to them, and then convert.

Now when all combined, it might look like there’s just too much to do for, what initially was, a “side income business”. But, if you look closely, there’s not much. And a lot depends on how you plan and work. You can be super-efficient and productive even in the limited time you have in hand. Thousands of millennials working in the dropshipping model are already doing it. And besides, if you really want to make a full-time income from your side business, you’ve got to work hard, be optimally efficient and accept challenges.

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