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The Jetleisure Trend is Influencing the Clothing Dropshipping Companies for Women


Each year comes with distinct fashion trends, as the world of style is quite dynamic, and there is no scope of stagnancy here. Depending on the trends that surface in the clothing market, the leading manufacturers and dropshippers also take cues for them to bring in some novelty in their collections and help retailers to entice their customers. Just like there was athleisure, and it still is trending today, 2017 has witnessed the inclusion of a brand new fashion highlight. Yes, we are talking about a new fashion terminology this year known as jetleisure that is a complete newbie surrounding us, and people are yet to get acquainted with this.

This fashion term has swiftly made an entry into the style dictionary, and according to experts this will be a major player for the stylish crowd. Originated mainly from the idea of dressing up at the vacations, this has a lot to do with the social media platform too.

So what exactly is jetleisure? It is nothing but the influence of beach wear, rather vacation style that gets portrayed on the Instagram profiles of fashionable men and women. This is a sort of the extravagant and posh style category comprised of items that are worn on a vacation or holiday and make a huge impact on Instagram. The leading women’s clothing dropshipping companies are definitely getting driven away by this, and crafting clothes accordingly.

Here are some of the style ideas that have been derived from this fad.

The bold and colorful dresses

The jetleisure style trends is all about being bold and colourful with vivacious prints and bright patterns, using contrasting hues. Hence, to pack the jetleisure into your bag for the next beach trip this summer, you are supposed to go for the patterned and printed dresses and frocks that come with a very vibrant stance. They can come with floral motifs, the abstract tones, gothic styles, polka dots and much more. Just remember, the niche luxury brands will have a lot of patterned and printed colourful outfits perfect for beach outings, and you need to add them to your bag while traveling, complemented with matching accessories, to get the best clicks to post on Instagram.

The text embossed slogan tees

The jetleisure also is characterised by the funky and preppy slogan tees for the women, that are perfect to be worn in the beaches. Theses tees can come in different styles, cuts and designs, from the crop tees, to the tanks and much more. The texts that are printed on the tees are either motivating, inspiring or funny, preppy or even some are all about supporting an ideology. Thus, if you are looking for such tees in different colors to be worn with the denim shorts at the beach vacations, then you can get them easily at the retail stores that dropship the slogan tees from the leading dropshippers.

Interesting cut outs

Another very fresh side of this jetleisure fashion term would be the interesting cut outs on bikinis, or even on the simple dresses and tops that are suited for the beach vacays. Thus, you can go for the jetleisure inspired bikinis that come with intriguing cut outs, be it on the back, or even with something on the front. These are quite sexy, sultry and suitable to be worn on summers.

Thus, not just for the women, even the men’s clothing dropshippers USA crafting the clothes taking cues for the trendy jetleisure style.

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