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Why you should NEVER go with “top” clothing dropshippers?

In the crowd of so many clothing dropshippers USA, everyone is struggling for a piece of consumer market. And while some try to beat the competition with their incredible collection and services, others often resort to wrong means. And it is in this that the new online apparel retailers find themselves lost and clueless; eventually ending up with the wrong dropshipping company and steering their business away from success.

Identifying who’s good for you and who’s not is one major business decision that many entrepreneurs, too involved in their products and customers, always overlook.

Before settling for any dropship wholesalers clothing company, you must think-and think again. After all nearly everything happening online, these companies will be much like your business partner. And like they, a bad partner does more harm to you than a vindictive competitor.

The self-claimed “top” dropshippers

With an acing marketing budget, even a rookie dropship company can make you believe that it’s an experienced one; local company can make you believe it operates internationally. That’s the magic of digital marketing. And you’re tasked to identify what’s a lie and what’s not! It could be difficult; however, there are few signs.

Look at the reviews that clothing dropshipper has received. Track its current customers and talk to them. Look at their services range and make sure you understand what exactly you’re going to get if you decide to go with it. And (please) talk to its customers’ executive, even for your smallest queries. A quick and well-explained reply is always a good sign.

Make sure you don’t fall for the self-claimed “top” dropshippers.

Are they ‘JUST’ a top dropshipper?

Clothing Dropshipping model is very transparent and simple that helps startups scale and sustain easily. However, things have become much easier lately, courtesy of some real good dropship companies. But unfortunately many entrepreneurs are reluctant to keep track of these big changes.

The old model includes an independent dropshipper that would middlemen between the manufacturers/suppliers/wholesalers and the retailers. A wholesale bought by the retailer would be then transferred from the manufacturer to the dropship facilities and from there would it be distributed to the retailers’ customers.

The new model though is much simpler, with good dropship companies also manufacturing or offering a wide collection under the same roof. No more buying bulk from one destination and transferring it to different facility; no more bearing the additional cost of this unnecessary transportation (and risk of damages). You get your products, inventory management system and shipping services all at a single hub, making doing business much easier and, of course, cheaper.

However, many “top” clothing dropshipper offers just the drop ship services, still middlemen-ing the manufacturers and retailers. So make sure you don’t end up with these companies. Instead look for good and renowned dropship wholesalers clothing companies that meet all your needs together and assures for your maximum convenience.

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