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Be the Next Sheldon Cooper from Trends Introduced By Dropship Apparel Companies

Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory is certainly one of the most unique characters the history of sitcoms has seen. Eccentric, geek and sarcastic, channelizing his behavioral tendencies can be a tricky affair. But, if you look up to this character, you can definitely sport his style statement, and show off some of his characteristic traits for fun! Bazinga, isn’t it?

Sheldon’s lack of closeness to the societal normal and principals make him walk the untrodden path of style. Simple and definitely offbeat, he loves to flaunt colors and a definite style definition. Keeping in mind the craze for this odd yet fun character, the leading dropship apparel companies and designer hubs are bringing in the replicas of the outfits worn by Sheldon in this sitcom. This has definitely been helping the youth to carry the geeky-nerdy-preppy silhouettes to college or while hanging out with friends.  All you need to do is visit the websites of the reputed online stores which dropship outfits from these celebrated dropship wholesalers, and you will get them at reasonable rates winning exciting offers and benefits.

Here are some of the clothing trends brought in by them inspired by Sheldon’s fun-filled wardrobe.


The funky graphic tees

Sheldon only sported the colorful and vibrant graphic tees, sporting his love for comics and the characters from different comedy series. These tee with closed crew neckline added a touch of sarcasm to this persona, which complements his comic character too.  His super -hero centric graphic tees are also preppy and full of novelty, which can be worn for the casual outings. You can team them up with denims or chinos, layered with the jackets or shrugs in winters.  The dropship companies are getting a wide new array of graphic tees in the retail market.


The layering adding pep

The character of Sheldon is fond of wearing all matchy matchy clothes, and this quite evident from the fact that he layers his short sleeved tees with the long sleeve ones. He wears the long sleeved solid colored single shaded tees below the short sleeved graphic tees, making the two tees clash in many possibilities. If you want to do the same, keep a color scheme in mind, and go ahead to mix two or more colors, stripes and a single color and much more can be experimented. You will get these long sleeve tees in the retail stores with body hugging fit.


The khaki pants define him

Apart from the narrow fit chinos and loose fitted denims, what actually defines this character are the khaki pants with a tight fitted silhouette. The leading dropshipping wholesale hubs are crafting the khaki cotton pants and trousers in galore options, in a medley of brown and earthly shades. You can stick to them, or being some twist with cargo pants or long shorts too.


The jackets are dashing

The jackets Sheldon is seen wearing rarely are mainly the golf jackets, and bombers at times, Thus, you can stick to them strictly or go for the varsity, windbreakers or even the denim ones, Do not try leather, as this character doesn’t wear anything classy or posh. You will get different options in the retail stores which dropship jackets in different varieties.



When it comes to accessorizing the Sheldon Cooper inspired look, two things are to be kept in mind, the shoes and bag. He is mostly seen carrying the messenger bags, in criss-cross manner. This look is finished with an edge delivered by the simple canvas shoes. Thus, the clothing wholesale dropshippers are giving way to these accessories too with the outfits.

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