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Online Apparel Business is On the Rise and So Is Dropshipping…Find Out Why!

We often hear about the e-commerce revolution, but is it really wise for you to start your own online retail or wholesale shop? Along with the rise in e-commerce market, we also hear the term ‘dropshipping’. How beneficial is it for your online business? Let us find out…

The Retail E-commerce Market

The e-commerce business today is estimated to be a $220 billion industry and its growth is set at a pace of 17% a year. This market is expected to hit $370 billion by the year 2017. So, yes, we are experiencing an e-commerce revolution and there is no denying that the market is booming and huge. The internet offers such awesome tools that it makes it extremely easy for entrepreneurs and business owners to set up their own online store without any hassle.

The clothing industry is also a flourishing one as people start getting super excited about upcoming private label brands in addition to national brands. Club the two together and you have a million dollar business idea!

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This huge boom is making people look for ways to improve their online clothing business. And it does make a lot of sense. This is where clothing dropship wholesalers come in and play a huge role.

Clothing Dropshipping Is Changing the Rules of Online Apparel Business

By registering for a running clothing dropshipping program, the online store owner/owners do not have to go through the hassle of finding a warehouse to keep the stock. In fact, there is absolutely no need to stock and manage any kind of physical inventory because the dropshippers inventory can be catalogued on the website of the online store or across various online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Another great advantage is that online businesses do not have to take on the headache of packaging and shipping the products to the customers because the dropshipper takes care of all that.

This means that you were to start an online business today with a dropshipper, your business would take flight with low capital investment, no hassles and you can conduct business from anywhere you like because you would only need a working internet connection to accept the orders from your customers and then forwarding the same to the dropship supplier.

Currently, more than 22-33% of internet retailers and wholesale suppliers have adopted clothing dropship as their primary method of order fulfillment and this number too is expected to rise in the near future. The growing numbers suggest that dropshipping is a convenient and easy way to get started and be on your way to achieving online success. If you are considering it, then get in touch with a reputed dropshipper today and get the talks rolling.

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