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When Running A Clothing Business Becomes As Fun As Holidaying In Corsica…

“Start and run a clothing business easily and at cheap.” This line, at one time, would have sounded like a poorly crafted scam scheme. However, over the years things have changed; more so in the clothing market. The apparel industry has taken giant leaps in favor of the entrepreneurs and small retailers. Today, in reality, running a fashion and fitness wear business has become as fun as holidaying in Corsica.

The heroic rise of online-only apparel brands 

Few years back, many leading publications sort of wrote few obituary pieces, declaring “Death to Retail” and announcing there’s a new surge of online-only clothing brands in the market. While nothing as dramatic happened, given brick and mortar fashion stores are still going as strong, there sure is a shift in the trend-shift in the way entrepreneurs are starting clothing business; shift in the business approach of established retailers; and a shift that has apparently brought clothing drop shipping companies right in the epicenter of this industry.

Apparel dropshippers and internet- A match made in heaven for the retailers 

The recent advancement in the tech space has given a whole new meaning to the term “dropshipping”. Dropshippers and Internet combines to work charm for the entrepreneurs and established retailers to make all the backend tasks as easy and cheap as possible for them.

Understanding the new dropshipping model:

Top apparel dropshippers are offering a wide selection of fitness and fashion wears, as well as exceptional range of stock management and shipping services. Subscribe, buy from their large collection, integrate the products on e-stores or marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and sell at own set price. While the retailers get to manage the inventory in real time using online interface, the drop shipping companies handle the physical goods and also ship to the final customers on retailers’ behalf.

  • With less to worry about the inventory and shipping, the small clothing business owners get more time to focus on the customers.
  • They get the leeway to decide their own selling price and profit margin.
  • They also get the freedom to choose their selling platforms (own e-commerce site or established marketplaces) and marketing approach.

With all the benefits, no wonder the business approach of the established businesses and next-gen entrepreneurs have shifted—more drawn towards the clothing drop shipping companies.

FREEDOM is all the entrepreneurs want! 

The whole lifestyle of online-only apparel brands owner revolves around the freedom. Apparel dropshippers, with their products, services and overall arrangements, brings the fit of living a location-independent life. Get everything done under a single roof; buy, sell and earn right from your laptop, while holidaying across the world. All’s needed is a decent internet connection and reliable clothing drop shipping company.

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