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How to Start an Apparel Dropshipping Business in Canada? 5 Essential Tips

Even if you’re limited in your budget, you don’t really have to give up your grand dream of venturing the online apparel market. With the rise of top men and women’s clothing dropshippers, launching your own business has become relatively simpler and very cost-effective.

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Of course, with that being said, even with higher ease and affordability, success is not given. You need to dig in deeper in numbers and facts, bring out the analytical-you and be more strategic (and informed) when making decisions.

Here are 5 essential tips on how to start a Dropshipping business in Canada

1.Do a thorough market research

This is a must for every business – doing a thorough market research to understand the market well. This helps improve the efficiency of following business decisions, lessening the ‘hit and miss’ instances. So before you spend any capital in starting your clothing Dropshipping business, get your facts and stats correct; know about the current market trends, future predictions, prevailing pricing benchmarks, and so forth.

2.Spend days in finding an ideal apparel supplying partner

In this model, your whole business will depend on your wholesaler (who also dropships). So it is very crucial you spend days and even weeks to find an ideal partner who is reliable enough and can meet your individual needs and requirements adequately.

3.Don’t under-estimate and under-measure your role

Admittedly, your Dropshipper would handle a large chunk of your backend activities, from inventory management to order fulfillment. This, however, doesn’t mean you get plenty of time to rest. There are still many tasks at-hand – the important ones (marketing and post-sales service) – that you would need to take care of. So don’t under-estimate and under-measure your role in the success of your business.

4.Know what your competitors are up to

With competition rising in the clothing market at a very fast pace, doing competitive analysis is nothing short of essential. So take some time to know and understand the strategies of your rivals. How they are purchasing their wholesale (the factors they are prioritizing), which mediums are they using to market their stores and what factors are influencing their pricing.

5.Invest intensively in social media marketing

Marketing is a broad spectrum and while it is important that you focus on various channels to maximize your profits, investing more in social media marketing is a better option that assures higher conversion at a relatively lower Customer Acquisition Cost. So if you aren’t already, start focusing more on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even YouTube; spend in paid promotion to get better and quicker outcome.

These are 5 essential tips on how you can start an apparel Dropshipping business in Canada with less challenges, smooth functioning and higher revenue. Good Luck!!!

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