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How to Start an Online Fashion Apparel Business in a Week With Less Capital?

Not so many years before, launching an apparel business was quite a big thing-requiring much of your time and high investment. But not today! Perhaps for this reason are we seeing a flood of new market players, crawling to win customers’ attention and fighting for meager profit margin.

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Top wholesale apparel dropshippers has turn up to be a game-changer in this industry. So have you been thinking to venture this market for long, with them by your side, you can bring your dream into reality-and that, in less than a week with low capital requirement.


Here are 6 simple (and not-so-simple) steps to not only just launch your online fashion apparel business quickly but also make your first sale right in the first week-

  1. Do a research on your target customers and niche market

Before you actually make any investment, you need to get your facts and figures correct to make informed decisions. So, sure you’re a newbie-but you don’t have to be like one. Do a thorough market research- on your customers, the market trends, future trends and more. Know the kind of wholesale you’re going to purchase, the audience you’re going to target and the price you’ll charge them. Given a wide pool of data is available online today, this won’t take much of your time.

  1. Fish out one of the best fashion wholesale dropshippers

To launch your store quickly – and cost-effectively – you need one of the best fashion wholesale dropshippers by your side. So be careful when screening these companies. Make sure their collection matches your individual needs and that their pricing is within the range of your target customers’ budget. And of course, ensure they have wide distribution reach to fulfill all your customer orders quickly and efficiently.

  1. Get on multiple marketplaces

Having a self-hosted online store is a right choice. However since in hurry, go for top marketplaces. Not only is setting stores on the likes of Amazon and eBay is much easier and quicker, but given their high daily traffic, the chances of your product sales increases significantly. Besides Good Clothing Dropshipping companies offer simple API integration process to display your bought products on these marketplaces very easily.

  1. Invest in Facebook and Twitter ads

Facebook and Twitter are your go-to marketing channels today. Offering ample of advertisement and targeting tools, reaching out your target audience on these platforms is much easier today. So get potential customers’ attention, communicate with them, engage and convert.

  1. Bank on influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most underrated forms of marketing in the clothing market. It boasts a lot of potential, promising high conversion if all the chords are hit perfectly. So identify few influencing social figures in your niche (probably the top fashion bloggers) and approach them from the front to promote your products and/or store to their audience. While some may review your products personally before recommending them to their audience, others may charge you. Go even for the later one, if the ROI is high.

  1. Stay prepared for sales influx

If you have done your part correctly and every piece has fallen in the right place, you can easily make your first sale right in the first week of your launch. So stay prepared for an influx of sales with a solid post-sales follow up strategy.

These are 6 easy steps to launch online apparel business in just one week with less capital requirement. Sure you’re going to face few challenges on this ambitious journey; but with smart decisions and a right clothing dropshipper you can overcome them easily.

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