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The Three Raincoat Trends Retailers Must Dropship from Clothes Dropship Hubs

Monsoon has officially arrived, and no matter how much we people hate it, we cannot simply ignore it. So what is the way out? No matter how devastated you are with the heavy downpours and drizzles, you must make it a point to look stylish and be comfortable. Keeping this desire in mind, the retailers are making sure to stash their stores with humongous range of rain coats and jackets to help their customers add some spunk to their usual outfits. There was a time in the past when raincoats used to be all drab and banal, without anything fashion statement to be flaunted. They were purely functional, and practically monotonous. Today, the celebs and models have made raincoats the latest fashion trend, and hence they are so much in demand today.

The retailers should also spruce up their collections by dropshipping the newest range of raincoat trends from the leading clothes dropship hubs.

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Here are the three most happening trends to bank on:

The poncho style raincoats

For the heaviest downpours, the hooded, oversized and poncho style raincoats work the best, and are the perfect fusion of style and convenience. The ladies can wear them casually with the oversized boyfriend shirts, distressed denims, flats or sneakers. Also, one can experiment them with the right fitted fancy party dresses, and balance your whole look with funk and perfection. These poncho style rain coats are much in trend today, and retailers must add them to their stocks to entice the ladies.

The soft metallic raincoats

For the customers of your store who want to achieve the sporty chic or athleisure looks, you should get the soft metallic raincoats dropshipped for them. They come in golden, bronze and silver color coatings, and can be added to the outfits that are in simple nude and neutral shades. These are very much in craze as whilst wearing them, the women don’t need top think about accessories, they are themselves so shimmering and glossy.

The conventional see-through raincoats

These will never fade away from the fashion scene, and there are women who only use them. Hence, make sure to dropship them in different varieties, with prints, neon borders, and other cuts and patterns. The transparency of the coats is the statement of the attire, and adds to one’s peppiness easily. Ask your reputed clothing dropship brands to add them to your list too.


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