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Trend of Wearing Tees by Celebs Inspiring Dropshipping Companies to Craft Fresh Collections

Just when people thought that the trendy and chic tops are replacing the classic tees for women, the celebs proved them completely wrong. The models and stars are leaving no stones unturned to style up the simple and plain tees double the meter, not just for the casual but also for the formal occasions and party nights. This has been a great source of motivation and inspiration  for the leading manufacturers that dropship, and hence to entice the retailers and their customers, they are giving way to a wide new variety of tees in the seamless blend of comfort and style.

The dropshippers and manufacturers try to match up with the recent trends in the global fashion scene, keeping a track of what the celebs flaunt or what the fashion experts and bloggers suggest. Thus, this has recently pushed them forward to introduce the; attest collections of tees for the fashion forward women.

Here are some of the best looks of the celebs wearing the tees for different occasions.

Kate Bosworth

Whispering soothing glamour, this Hollywood beauty sported het min green flowy skirt tucked into a white fitted tee, and look absolutely dapper. Very offbeat combination of two different outfits, and odd colors being matched, this ensemble speaks of prep and elegance but with a modern twist.  Thus, the white crew neck tees are definitely very versatile.

Miley Cyrus

This pop singer is known for the quirky fashion stances she embraces.  Her Egyptian themed black graphic crew necked tee was teamed with a leather mini, and extra sizzle and jazz was added with the golden bag, snakeskin heels and metallic shades. Realizing the fact how the graphic tees help the fashion forward women to grab some sporty chic avatars even in parties, the drosphippers and manufacturers are crafting them in a medley of designs and styles.

Alexa Chung

Sporting a very retro and back to the 90’s look, this pretty bombshell rocked a white oversized graphic tee, with black leggings, and flats. A very chic sporty and funky look as we can call this, she has been very casual yet stylish about the silhouette. Thus, graphic tees in white are once again in demand, and the leading dropshippers are producing them with a splash of colors.

Anne Hathaway

This beauty wore a white sheer crew neck tee with a plunging white blazer and white pant. The ivory suit looked sohpohisticated and streamlined because of the tee layered below, and she definitely gives inspiration to the other women to team up a casual tee with something formal. Sheer tees are the new production by the dropshippers.

Olivia Wilde

Donning a tee at the red carpet? Yes, she does it perfectly with confidence. Her neutral textured tee was tucked into the white and black printed ball skirt for a fusion of smart and classy demeanors.  Thus, for versatile takes on fashion the dropshippers are giving way to the neutrally shaded tees in galore of cuts and shapes.


The sexy pop singer did a text embossed tee with ultimate verve and flair.  Her white oversized text emblazoned   tee was paired with a black mini and black boots, with choker neckpieces, A very punk look indeed, the text imprinted tees are creating a stir in the global fashion with retailers  dropshipping them from dropshippers.

Thus, all thanks to the reputed free dropshipping companies USA companies for crafting tees according to celebs style stances.

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